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Grassland ecosystems account for approximately 32% of global natural vegetation (Parton et al., 1995). China has some of the most plentiful grassland resources in the world and grasslands are one of the most important renewable resources in arid and semi-arid regions of North China (e.g. Inner Mongolia). In recent decades, intense human activities, such as(More)
Pot experiments were performed to study the alleviative effects of exogenous silicon (Si) on cadmium (Cd) phytotoxicity in maize grown in an acid soil experimentally contaminated with Cd. Five treatments were investigated in the first trial consisting of a control (neither Cd nor Si added), Cd added at 20 or 40 mg kg(-1) Cd without or with Si added at 400(More)
Poplar plantation is the most dominant broadleaf forest type in northern China. Since the mid-1990s plantation was intensified to combat desertification along China's northwestern border, i.e., within Inner Mongolia (IM). This evoked much concern regarding the ecological and environmental effects on areas that naturally grow grass or shrub vegetation. To(More)
Evapotranspiration (ET) is an essential component of global energy and the water balance. Many important ecosystem processes, such as vegetation photosynthesis, soil water content, biogeochemical cycling and energy partitioning, are all affected by ET (Wever et al., 2002). However, the magnitude and dynamics of ET vary greatly with plant functional type,(More)
Keywords: Dryland ET PenmaneMonteith model Soil water potential Vapor pressure deficit Water vapor fluxes a b s t r a c t Understanding the regulation of ecosystem ET is crucial to comprehend present and potential future vegetation and water availability in arid environments. We compared ET data from eddy-covariance flux measurements in two semiarid(More)
Metallic gasket seals are widely used in pressure vessels and piping. The failure of sealing systems is mostly caused not by the strength of flanges or bolts but by the leakage of the connections. The topography of sealing surface has a major influence on the leakage of the bolted flange connections. Based on the fractal geometry theory, the fractal(More)
Carbon graphite is a kind of main material of mechanical seal rings. The surface topography of end faces of seal rings has significant influence on the sealing behavior and the friction characteristic. In this paper, the modified Weierstrass-Mandelbrot function was introduced, which can characterize the topography of rough surfaces. The radial and(More)
Based on technological principle and operation characteristics of wet flue gas desulfurization system in the thermal power plant, the causes and influencing factors of gypsum rain were analyzed from three aspects, including equipment structure, operation parameters and environmental factors. Furthermore, control measures corresponding to the design of wet(More)
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