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Recently, there has been increasing interest in extending relational query processing to efficiently support extraction operators, such as dictionaries and regular expressions, over text data. Many text processing queries are sophisticated in that they involve multiple extraction and join operators, resulting in many possible query plans. However, there has(More)
Warehouse is an important part of logistics which becomes a hot research topic. However, the existing warehouse management system has exposed certain technical weakness. In this paper, an adaptive communication framework of the warehouse management system based on RFID (radio frequency identification) and WSN (wireless sensor networks) was proposed. Three(More)
We characterized two high-molecular-weight glutenin subunit (HMW-GS) variants from Eremopyrum bonaepartis, determined their complete open reading frames, and further expressed them in a bacterial system. The variants have many novel structural features compared with typical subunits encoded by Glu-1 loci: 1Fx3.7 and 1Fy1.5 exhibit hybrid properties of x-(More)
In designing large-sized volume type phased array coils for human head imaging at ultrahigh fields, e.g., 7T, minimizing electromagnetic coupling among array elements is technically challenging. A new decoupling method based on induced current compensation or elimination (ICE) for a microstrip line planar array has recently been proposed. In this study, an(More)
Ultrahigh field (UHF) MR imaging of deeply located target in high dielectric biological samples faces challenges due to the reduced penetration depth at the corresponding high frequencies. Radiative coils, e.g., dipole and monopole coils, have recently been applied for UHF MRI applications to obtain better signal-noise-ratio (SNR) in the area deep inside(More)
High field MRI makes it possible to obtain images of non-proton (X) nuclei due to its increased sensitivity. A double-resonant coil can provide both images of X nucleus and proton without the need to reposition the patient. Most double-resonant coils use lossy trap circuits to minimum interactions between X nucleus and H nucleus. In this study, we propose a(More)
Robust principal component analysis (RPCA) has been widely used to deal with high dimensional noisy data in many applications. Traditional RPCA approaches consider all the samples to recovery the low dimensionl subspace in a batch manner, which incur expensive storage cost and fail to update the low dimensional subspace efficiently for stream data. Thus it(More)
The clinical significance of phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome ten (PTEN) protein expression and the correlation between the expression of PTEN and phosphorylation of protein kinase B (PKB/AKT) in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) were investigated. The expression of PTEN and phospho-AKT was detected by SP immunohistochemical technique(More)
Based on fundamental hydrodynamic equations, according to principle of flux conservation in control volume, various field variables of every node in the whole flow field of circular thrust aerostatic bearing are resolved. Distribution of these discrete variables can substitute for solutions of the partial differential equations which describe physical(More)
The monopole coil and loop coil have orthogonal radiofrequency (RF) fields and thus are intrinsically decoupled electromagnetically if they are laid out appropriately. In this study, we proposed a hybrid monopole/loop technique which could combine the advantages of both loop arrays and monopole arrays. To investigate this technique, a hybrid RF coil array(More)