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Using inter-subspecific hybrid rice of IIyou 2070 and IIyou 419 , their restorer lines 2070 and Zhong419, the various forms and levels of root-derived cytokinins(CTKs) in root exudates, and changes of various forms of cytokinins in rice flag leaves and grains were analyzed by HPLC and ELISA after initial heading stage. The results indicated that zeatin had(More)
Targeted drug delivery systems have great potential to overcome the side effect and improve the bioavailability of conventional anticancer drugs. In order to further improve the antitumor efficacy of paclitaxel (PTX) loaded in folated Pluronic F87/poly(lactic acid) (FA-F87-PLA) micelles, D-α-tocopheryl poly(ethylene glycol) 1000 succinate (TPGS or Vitamin E(More)
Optical frequency scanning nonlinearity seriously affects interference signal phase extraction accuracy in frequency-scanning interferometry systems using external cavity diode lasers. In this paper, an interference signal frequency tracking method using an extended Kalman filter is proposed. The interferometric phase is obtained by integrating the(More)
The rapid development of industrial robotics has provided an opportunity for the greater efficiency of aircraft manufacturing industry. But the complexity of work environment is a great challenge to robot's practical application. This paper describes a method of designing and positioning multi-robot workcells which are used to manufacture large surface(More)
  • Yao Duanzheng, Shu Chang, Long Tao, Xiong Guiguang
  • 2008
The dynamic characteristic in a spatially distributed nonlinear system, a subset of lasers in an array of coupled lasers, has been studied and analysed numerically. The evolution, with the increasing coupling strength, from stable quiescent state to chaotic state, to hyper-chaotic state and, back to quasi-steady state has been observed in this system.