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Optical frequency scanning nonlinearity seriously affects interference signal phase extraction accuracy in frequency-scanning interferometry systems using external cavity diode lasers. In this paper, an interference signal frequency tracking method using an extended Kalman filter is proposed. The interferometric phase is obtained by integrating the(More)
The sparsity of the speech signals is utilized in the DCT domain. According to the characteristics of the voice which may be separated into voiceless and voiced one, an adaptive measurement speech recovery method is proposed in this paper based on compressed sensing. First, the observed points are distributed based on the voicing energy ratio which the(More)
We propose a frequency-scanning interferometry using the Kalman filtering technique for dynamic absolute distance measurement. Frequency-scanning interferometry only uses a single tunable laser driven by a triangle waveform signal for forward and backward optical frequency scanning. The absolute distance and moving speed of a target can be estimated by the(More)
The rapid development of industrial robotics has provided an opportunity for the greater efficiency of aircraft manufacturing industry. But the complexity of work environment is a great challenge to robot's practical application. This paper describes a method of designing and positioning multi-robot workcells which are used to manufacture large surface(More)
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