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Emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies enable data persistence at the main memory level at access speeds close to DRAM. In such persistent memories, memory writes need to be performed in strict order to satisfy storage consistency requirements and enable correct recovery from system crashes. Unfortunately, adhering to a strict order for writes to(More)
Emerging non-volatile memory (NVRAM) technologies, like phase change memory, envision persistent memory architectures. In case of power failure, operations on persistent memory should be in transactional semantics by adopting techniques such as WAL. To ensure consistency and atomicity, persist barriers are widely adopted, to prevent persistent memory(More)
While Phase Change Memory (PCM) has emerged as one of most promising complements or even replacements of DRAM-based memory, it has only limited write endurance. Because of uneven write distribution, PCM is highly likely to have early failures, which can spread over the chip space and leave the entire chip unusable. Wear leveling is an indispensable(More)