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Graphitic carbon nitride nanosheet (g-C3N4-NS) has layered structure similar with graphene nanosheet and presents unusual physicochemical properties due to the s-triazine fragments. But their electronic and electrochemical applications are limited by the relatively poor conductivity. The current work provides the first example that atomically thick(More)
In the era of Social Web, there has been an explosive growth of user-contributed comments posted to various online social media. However, increasingly more misleading and deceptive user comments found at online social media have also been a great concern for consumers and merchants, and social spam have been brought to the attention by the legal circle in(More)
In the current study, we examine the relative effects of the two types of consumer reviews (i.e., positive and negative eWOM) on consumers' purchase decisions, and the moderating roles of the two types of information usefulness (i.e., explicit usefulness and implicit usefulness). Analyzing a large-scale panel data collected from an online shopping site, we(More)
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