Long-Shyan Horng

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Troponin T (Tnnt), a troponin component, interacts with tropomyosin and is crucial to the regulation of striated muscle contraction. To gain insight into the molecular evolution and developmental regulation of Tnnt gene (Tnnt) in lower vertebrates, zebrafish Tnnt1 (slow Tnnt), Tnnt2 (cardiac Tnnt), and Tnnt3b (fast Tnnt isoform b) were characterized. The(More)
A green fluorescent protein (GFP) cDNA flanked by inverted terminal repeats (ITR) of adeno-associated virus was constructed. The construct sharply improved the efficiency and specificity of the transient expression of genes driven by two general promoters (cytomegalovirus and medaka β-actin) and one muscle-specific promoter (zebrafish α-actin) in transgenic(More)
Laborious molecular genotyping and variegated gene expression are two widely encountered issues for transgenic mouse studies. To facilitate genotyping in the FVB/N albino background and to reduce variegated expression, we successfully generated double-tagged transgenic mice for direct visual genotyping with the coat color phenotype derived from tyrosinase(More)
Studies were conducted to determine whether soils that showed enhanced biodegradation of organophosphate insecticides had significantly different enzyme activities from those in the same soils with no previous exposure to the insecticides. Twenty-one pairs of soils were collected from farms in the Midwest where chlorpyrifos, terbufos, fonofos, or phorate(More)
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