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The laboratory mouse shares the majority of its protein-coding genes with humans, making it the premier model organism in biomedical research, yet the two mammals differ in significant ways. To gain greater insights into both shared and species-specific transcriptional and cellular regulatory programs in the mouse, the Mouse ENCODE Consortium has mapped(More)
This paper provides an updated overview of the rapidly developing research field of multi-attribute online reverse auctions. Our focus is on academic research, although we briefly comment on the state-of-the-art in practice. The role that Operational Research plays in such auctions is highlighted. We review decision-and game-theoretic research, experimental(More)
T he dawn of the 21st century has seen an unprecedented amount of remote-sensing data collected. Around the world, national agencies have launched a series of Earth-observing and remote-sensing missions, all of which contribute to the amount of data available for scientific analysis. NASA's Earth Observing System satellite alone contributes more than half a(More)
E-banking is seen as the newest delivery channel for banking services in many developed countries and is believed to have a significant impact on the bank market. E-banking is providing numerous opportunities for banks and non-bank financial institutions to add a low cost distribution channel to their existent distribution channels. Little research on(More)
This paper describes approaches and methodologies facilitating the analysis of large amounts of distributed scientific data. The existence of full-featured analysis tools, such as the Algorithm Development and Mining (ADaM) toolkit and online data repositories now provide easy access and analysis capabilities to large amounts of data. However, there are(More)