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Fever is a prominent feature of many diseases, such as infection, inflammation and trauma. In the clinic, fever can be easily judged by measuring the body temperature; however, the pathogenesis of fever is still not fully understood. A febrile response is a systemic pathological process that can cause metabolic disorders. Metabonomics can provide powerful(More)
Shuang-huang-lian injection (SHLI) is a famous Chinese patent medicine, which has been wildly used in clinic for the treatment of acute respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, influenza, etc. The existing randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies suggested that SHLI could afford a certain anti-febrile action. However, seldom does research concern the(More)
Fever is one of the most common clinical symptoms of many diseases. Qingkailing (QKL) injection is widely used in China as a clinical emergency medicine due to its good antipyretic effects. It is a herbal formula which is composed by eight kinds of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM). As a kind of typical multiple constituents and multiple actions of TCM,(More)
Qingkailing injection (QKLI), a modern traditional Chinese medicine preparation, has been widely used in clinics due to its fast and significant efficacy in treatment of high fever. The free amino acids (AAs) were considered to be the most abundant active ingredients indisputably. So developing an accurate and simple determination method to measure the(More)
Qingkailing (QKL) injection, a modified modern Chinese medicine preparation, is widely used in the clinic for its significant antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects, but its serious adverse drug reactions have attracted more and more attention. Series of caffeoylquinic acids in QKL are widely suspected to be the allergens responsible for these adverse(More)
Fever is a prominent feature of diseases and is an ongoing process that is always accompanied by metabolic changes in the body system. Despite the success of temperature regulation theory, the underlying biological process remains unclear. To truly understand the nature of the febrile response, it is crucial to confirm the biomarkers during the entire(More)
Aiguo Tan 1,2, Xiangning Lin 1, Jinwen Sun 1,*, Ran Lyu 1, Zhengtian Li 1, Long Peng 1 and Muhammad Shoaib Khalid 1,3 1 State Key Laboratory of Advanced Electromagnetic Engineering and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China; tanaiguo@hust.edu.cn (A.T.); xiangning.lin@hust.edu.cn (X.L.); lvran.deyouxiang@163.com(More)
Qingkailing injection (QKLI) is a modern Chinese medicine preparation derived from a well-known classical formulation, An-Gong-Niu-Huang Wan. Although the clinical efficacy of QKLI has been well defined, its severe adverse drug reactions (ADRs) were extensively increased. Through thorough attempts to reduce ADR rates, it was realized that the effect-based(More)
Shuang-huang-lian injection (SHLI) is a famous Chinese patent medicine, which has been wildly used in clinic to treat acute respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, influenza, and so forth. Despite the widespread clinical application, the prototype components and metabolites of SHLI have not been fully elucidated, especially in human body. To discover and(More)
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