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  • J Raychaudhuri, L Yeh, +7 authors Tas Westcottz
  • 1995
Colour development of a product is often vital in the food industry. The study of the baking of biscuits reveals interesting colour development characteristic curves. Neural network methods are used to both represent and classify products according to these characteristics. Using self-organising maps well-deened characteristic curves are extracted. Colour(More)
This paper is trying to build up the theoretical four-pole matrices for the single-chamber mufflers equipped with side inlet/outlet duct. In addition, by using the BEM simulation and the experimental works on silencers, the accuracy of above theoretical solution can be verified and reassured, accordingly. Moreover, applying the numerical optimizations of(More)
Whilst the space volume of mufflers in a noise control system is often constrained for maintenance and operation in practical engineering work, the maximization of the muffler's performance becomes essential. In this paper, both simulated annealing (SA) and a genetic algorithm (GA) are applied simultaneously. A numerical case of pure tone noise control is(More)
Dynamic MRR (material removal rate) modeling is constructed and optimum solution through Calculus of Variations in maximize the machining profit of an individual cutting tool under fixed tool life is introduced. The mathematical model is formulated by reverse experiments on an ECOCA PC-3807 CNC lathe, and the electronic circuit is developed using linear(More)
To achieve the optimal control of material removal rate (MRR) for a machining project, a Dynamic Machining Project Control (D M P C) Model is proposed under the considerations of order quantity and deadline constraints. This paper not only introduces material removal rate into the objective function dynamically, but also implements Calculus of Variations to(More)
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