Long-Jeng Lee

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This work presents a novel approach that integrates a shallow water semi-analytical (SSA) model and a genetic algorithm (GA) to retrieve water column inherent optical properties (IOPs) and identify bottom types simultaneously from measurement of subsurface remote sensing reflectance. This GA-SSA approach is designed based on the assumption that each pixel(More)
Two types of hyperspectral imager designed for underwater monitor was presented in this article. Active hyperspectral imager with light source compensated the lack of near infared ray in the sea water. The pushbroom hyperspectral imager was built in V-FIN (Vehicle for Instrumentation) and push broom scanning by a boat, which was good for studying some area(More)
ABSTRACT: Coral reefs prefer to reside in warm, clean, clear waters with high oxygen content. Any deterioration of their environment would affect the life of coral reefs. Therefore, coral reefs serve as an important indicator of the environmental condition. Kenting National Park enjoys the most abundant coral reefs around Taiwan. However, recent extreme(More)
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