Long-Hai Li

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Goh has proposed a protocol-based mechanism which can add key recovery to existing security protocols and possesses valuable properties such as unfilterability, inter-operability, hidden key recovery and real time key recovery. He presented key recovery implementation of SSL/TLS and SSH. This paper exploits identity based encryption to implement hidden key(More)
Reusable anonymous return channels proposed by Golle and Jakobsson allow any recipient of one of the anonymous messages in a mix net to send back one or more replies directly. Yet their protocol has an obvious efficiency problem caused by multiple rounds of message processing. In this paper, we introduce a technique which is based on universal re-encryption(More)
In this paper, we devise a novel anonymous voting protocol based on bilinear pairings. This protocol can be used by a group of participants to vote for one or more resolutions under the decentralized condition (boardroom voting), at the meantime preserving the privacy of participants. More specifically, in the session key set-up phase, every participant(More)
The emission spectra of pure oxygen in dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure were observed. Comparison between experimental and fitting spectra of oxygen A band (b 1Sigmag(+) --> X 3Sigmag(-)) (0, 0) was used to determine the gas temperature, and the electronic temperature was calculated from O I lines. The causation of oxygen A band in(More)
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