Long Guo

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In this paper, we explore the two well-known principles of diversification and intensification in portfolio-based parallel SAT solving. These dual concepts play an important role in several search algorithms including local search, and appear to be a key point in modern parallel SAT solvers. To study their trade-off, we define two roles for the(More)
In this paper, we propose a new location-aware pub/sub system, Elaps, that continuously monitors moving users subscribing to dynamic event streams from social media and E-commerce applications. Users are notified instantly when there is a matching event nearby. To the best of our knowledge, Elaps is the first to take into account continuous moving queries(More)
With the popularization of GPS-enabled devices there is an increasing interest for location-based queries. In this context, one interesting problem is processing top-<i>k</i> spatial keyword queries. Given a set of objects with a textual description (e.g., menu of a restaurant), a query location (latitude and longitude), and a set of query keywords, a(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary artery hypertension (PAH) is difficult to recognize clinically. Digital stethoscopes offer an opportunity to re-evaluate the diagnosis of PAH. We hypothesized that spectral analysis of heart sound frequencies using recordings from a digital stethoscope would differ between children with and without PAH. METHODS We recorded heart(More)
Permeability is a key parameter for investigating the flow ability of sedimentary rocks. The conventional model for calculating permeability is derived from Darcy's law, which is valid only for continuum flow in porous rocks. We discussed the feasibility of simulating methane transport characteristics in the organic nano-pores of shale through the Lattice(More)
The research of adsorption theory has recently gained renewed attention due to its critical relevance to a number of trending industrial applications, hydrogen storage and shale gas exploration for instance. The existing theoretical foundation, laid mostly in the early twentieth century, was largely based on simple heuristic molecular interaction models and(More)