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(1992) Three-dimensional structure of dendritic spines and synapses in rat hippocampus (CA1) at postnatal day 15 and adult ages: implications for the maturation of synaptic physiology and long-term potentiation. The cell-centered database: a database for multiscale structural and protein localization data from light and electron microscopy. Neuroinformatics(More)
The discipline of Computational Anatomy focuses on shape analysis of anatomical structures obtained in biomedical imaging. Under the auspices of the Mouse Morphometry Biomedical Informatics Research Network (www.nbirn.net), a processing pipeline has been developed to enable processing of morphometry data obtained from the Cell Centered DataBase. As a(More)
Corrosion is one of the degrading mechanisms that greatly affect the structural integrity of aerospace components. Corrosion begins with small imperfections in the given material referred to as " pits ". Over time, and with exposure to the environment and loading stresses, these pits grow into structural cracks. These cracks, under further exposure to(More)
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