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ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Ligustrum purpurascens Y.C. Yang (Oleaceae) is traditionally recorded as "Ku Ding Cha", a kind of functional tea in southern China for about two thousand years, which has been reported with sore throat alleviating and pathogenic heat expelling effects. However, there are no scientific studies demonstrating its antiviral(More)
The effects of different artificial lymphs on the cochlear duct of the alligator lizard were studied in an in vitro preparation. The duct was dissected and cemented to the glass floor of a chamber that had been filled with an artificial lymph. The vestibular membrane was removed and latex beads (1-5 microns in diameter) were allowed to settle on the(More)
MitoTool, a web-based bioinformatics platform, is designed for deciphering human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) data in batch mode. The platform has advantages in (i) parsing diverse types of mtDNA data; (ii) automatically classifying haplogroup according to mtDNA sequences or variants; (iii) discovering possibly missing variants of the samples with claimed(More)
The determination of human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroups is not only crucial in anthropological and forensic studies, but is also helpful in the medical field to prevent establishment of wrong disease associations. In recent years, high-throughput technologies and the huge amounts of data they create, as well as the regular updates to the mtDNA(More)
A fluorescence probe, 8-formyl-7-hydroxyl-4-methyl coumarin - (2'-methylquinoline-4-formyl) hydrazone (L) has been synthesized. The chemosensor is found preferential binding to Al(3+) in presence of other competitive ions with associated changes in its optical and fluorescence spectra behavior. Upon addition of Al(3+) to a solution of L, it shows 200-fold(More)
More than 1000 complete or near-complete mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences have been deposited in GenBank for eight common domestic animals (cattle, dog, goat, horse, pig, sheep, yak and chicken) and their close wild ancestors or relatives, as well. Nevertheless, few efforts have been performed to evaluate the sequence data quality. Herein, we conducted a(More)
This paper presents an improved tool called FITVS (Fault Injection Tool for Validating SEE) using the FPGA-based emulation system for fault grading. A novel library-replace-modeling technique that can quickly and easily perform SEE by injecting faults into the circuit nodes is proposed. It helps IC designers to enhance the quality of their design by(More)
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is widely used in various genetic studies of domesticated animals. Many applications require comprehensive knowledge about the phylogeny of mtDNA variants. Herein, we provide the most up-to-date mtDNA phylogeny (i.e. haplogroup tree or matrilineal genealogy) and a standardized hierarchical haplogroup nomenclature system for(More)
A simple Schiff-base receptor 7-methoxychromone-3-carbaldehyde-(pyridylformyl) hydrazone (MCNH) was prepared. It exhibits an "off-on-type" mode with high sensitivity in the presence of Al(3+). This compound could be used as Al(3+) probe in ethanol and it features visible light excitation (433 nm) and emission (503 nm) profiles. Upon binding of Al(3+), a(More)
Modulation of autophagy has been increasingly regarded as a promising cancer therapeutic approach. In this study, we screened several ginsenosides extracted from Panax ginseng and identified ginsenoside Ro (Ro) as a novel autophagy inhibitor. Ro blocked the autophagosome-lysosome fusion process by raising lysosomal pH and attenuating lysosomal cathepsin(More)