Long Chyr Chang

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The support of Boolean set operations in free-form solid modeling systems requires the repeated intersection of parametric surfaces. Present approaches to this problem are sequential and must make trade-offs between accuracy, robustness and efficiency. In this paper, we investigate a parallel approach to the surface intersection problem that shows, both(More)
We experimentally demonstrate an all-optical analog to electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) on chip using coupled high-Q silica microtoroid cavities with Q-factors above 10(6). The transmission spectrum of the all-optical analog to EIT is precisely controlled by tuning the distance between the two microtoroids, as well as the detunings of the(More)
Location-based data visualization employing geographical information system and information visualization provides an advanced means to assist with visual data exploration, hypothesis formation and decision making. An effective location-based data visualization system can significantly enhance the communication among decision-makers and facilitate the(More)
An analytical solution for the time periodic electroosmotic flow (EOF) of the generalized Maxwell model through a circular microtube is presented by solving the linearized Poisson-Boltzmann equation, together with Cauchy momentum equation and General Maxwell constitutive equation. By numerical calculations, we find that for lower Ω and smaller De, classical(More)
Currently, most city maps browsing or displaying applications only support high-end mobile devices such as PDAs or smartphones. With GSM or GPRS network widely deployed around the world, there is a continuous demand for map applications to support resources constrained mobile phones. The study presents a map-on-demand delivery scheme which utilizes the SVG(More)
Because of the advances of computer hardware and software, Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) makes learning effective and interesting through the use of interactive multimedia technology. Recently, Augmented Reality (AR) technology has begun to surge as a new CAI tool because of its ability to create tangible and highly interactive user interface. In(More)
Surface-Surface Intersection problems play an important role in the support of Boolean set operations in solid modeling systems. Present approaches are sequential and have to make trade-offs between accuracy, robustness and efficiency. In this paper, we will show that improved algorithms can be obtained using parallel methods and vectorization. We give a(More)
Optically nonreciprocal devices provide critical functionalities such as light isolation and circulation in integrated photonic circuits for optical communications and information processing, but have been difficult to achieve. By exploring gain-saturation nonlinearity, we demonstrate on-chip optical nonreciprocity with excellent isolation performance(More)
We describe a low-energy glow-discharge process using reactive ion etching system that enables non-circular device patterns, such as squares or hexagons, to be formed from a precursor array of uniform circular openings in polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA, defined by electron beam lithography. This technique is of a particular interest for bit-patterned(More)