Long Chrea Neak

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This paper describes lessons from running software development projects across three globally distributed educational institutions. What was innovative about this study was that two of the institutions were located in service providing countries, conventional onshore/offshore roles were reversed, and students were exposed to the realities of global supply(More)
Facilitated by the Internet, global software development has emerged as a reality. The use of shared processes and appropriate tools is considered crucial to alleviate some of its issues (e.g., space and time differences), homogenizing the environment of development and interaction, and increasing the likelihood of success. Since 2005, Pace University in(More)
Since 2005, Pace University, Delhi University and the Institute of Technology of Cambodia have been partnering to offer students the opportunity to work on globally distributed software development projects. The innovative collaborative model has evolved towards an emphasis on technology mashups for development and communication, mentoring and auditing for(More)
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