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Rationality in decision- and policy-making: implications for strategic environmental assessment
A proper integration of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) into policy-making processes is considered critical to the success of SEA. Most of the work in SEA seems to be based on the assumptionExpand
SEA and planning: ‘ownership’ of strategic environmental assessment by the planners is the key to its effectiveness
As the field of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) has matured, the focus has moved from the development of legislation, guidelines and methodologies towards improving the effectiveness of SEA.Expand
Strategic Environmental Assessment as catalyst of healthier spatial planning: The Danish guidance and practice
Abstract A wide range of factors within spatial planning can affect health. There is therefore an important scope for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of spatial plans to protect and improveExpand
Mind the gap in SEA: An institutional perspective on why assessment of synergies amongst climate change mitigation, adaptation and other policy areas are missing
Abstract This article takes its point of departure in two approaches to integrating climate change into Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): Mitigation and adaptation, and in the fact thatExpand
SEA of river basin management plans: incorporating climate change
In, 2000 the European Parliament and the European Council passed the Water Framework Directive (WFD) to be implemented in all Member States. The consequence of the directive is that river basinExpand
Review of critical factors for SEA implementation
Abstract The implementation process involved in translating Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) intention into action is vital to an effective SEA. Many factors influence implementation and thusExpand
Critical factors for EIA implementation: literature review and research options.
This paper focuses on the links between different critical factors and how they relate to different stages in the EIA and thus influence the decision making process and offers some suggestions for future research. Expand
EIA as Regulation: Does it Work?
Since its introduction into Danish planning in 1989, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been widely discussed. At the centre of the debate the question has been whether EIA has actuallyExpand
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the process by which the effects that proposed projects are likely to have are assessed with respect to a number of environmental criteria. Screening is anExpand