Lon J. Van Winkle

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NF is a 62 year old female patient in good health. She is seeing her family physician for routine care, including managing her high blood pressure, annual checkups , immunizations, and standard screenings. She also sees a podiatrist regarding a heel spur on her right foot, a GI specialist for GERD, an ophthalmologist for follow-up care after cataract(More)
Stem cells are at the forefront of current regenerative and biomedical research. Thus, there exists an imperative and urgent need to understand the mechanisms that drive stem cell function in order to exploit their use as a therapeutic tool. Amino acids are potent inducers of signaling cascades that drive stem cell proliferation and differentiation. With a(More)
In the USA I see bumper stickers and t-shirts that declare " Critical thinking: the other national deficit. " Unfortunately here, and elsewhere in the world, these words are often true. Not only does the internet give us ample opportunity to express ourselves without much reflection or thought, but college and university courses do not always expect and(More)
We have shown that healthcare professional students attitudes toward interprofessional collaboration improve in association with their work together on interdisciplinary teams in single courses (Van Winkle et al., 2012, 2013). Anecdotally, however, a few students complained that at least one team member from another healthcare professions program did not(More)
Amino acid transport is facilitated by specific transporters within the plasma membrane of the cell. Mediated Na(+)-independent transport of L-glutamate can be easily detected in mouse oocytes, but it is nearly undetectable in blastocyst-stage embryos. In contrast, the Na(+)-dependent transport of L-aspartate is not detectable in oocytes, but it is(More)
Ouabain-resistant K+ transport activity was characterized primarily by measuring Rb+ uptake because 86Rb+ has a more convenient half-life than 42K+. Ouabain-resistant 86Rb+ uptake by mouse two-cell conceptuses and blastocysts was slowed by the K(+)-Na(+)-2Cl- cotransporter inhibitors bumetanide [inhibitory constant (Ki) = 400 nM] and furosemide (Ki(More)
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