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Mesoporous MOFs MIL-100 and MIL-101 adsorb huge amounts of CO2 and CH4. Characterization was performed using both manometry and gravimetry in different laboratories for isotherms coupled with microcalorimetry and FTIR to specify the gas-solid interactions. In particular, the uptake of carbon dioxide in MIL-101 has been shown to occur with a record capacity(More)
Hydrogen sulfide gravimetric isotherm adsorption measurements were carried out on MIL-53(Al, Cr, Fe), MIL-47(V), MIL-100(Cr), and MIL-101(Cr) metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). A two-step adsorption mechanism related to a breathing effect was observed for MIL-53 terephthalate-based MOFs. Methane adsorption measurements highlighted the regenerability of(More)
The present study attempts to understand the use of the flexible porous chromium terephthalate Cr(OH)(O(2)C-C(6)H(4)-CO(2)) denoted MIL-53(Cr) (MIL = Material from Institut Lavoisier) for the separation of mixtures of CO(2) and CH(4) at ambient temperature. The coadsorption of CO(2) and CH(4) was studied by a variety of different techniques. In situ(More)
The swine industry follows a large increase of meat production since the 1950s causing the development of bigger swine buildings which involves a raise of pollutants emissions. Due to recent anthropological pressures concerning the animal welfare, the limitation of neighborhood disturbances and atmospheric pollutions limitations, the livestock farming has(More)
We have measured, the thickness dependence of the glass transition temperature T(g)( h), using ellipsometry at variable temperature, for poly(methyl-methacrylate) (PMMA) of various tacticity in confined geometry. We report that several factors significantly affect T(g)( h): i) polymer microstructure (stereoregularity of PMMA) related to local dynamics; ii)(More)
An aboveground pilot-scale biofilter filled with wood chips was tested to treat ammonia emissions from a piggery located in Brittany (France). Two long-term tests ("summer" and "autumn" experiments) were carried out to improve biofilter applications for agriculture. The influence of climatic conditions on biofilter performance was taken into account. During(More)
Engineers at Atlantic Electric Co. a re delighted over their experience thus far with a recent cooling tower fill retrofit at the company’s B. L. England Station, Unit 3. That’s what V. N. Bhamidipati of Atlantic Elecvic Co., reprted in April (1994). Note that this tower is unique. It is the first natural draft salt water tower to be built in the United(More)
Carbon dioxide is the main undesirable compound present in raw natural gas and biogas. Physisorption based adsorption processes such as pressure swing adsorption (PSA) are one of the solutions to selectively adsorb CO(2) from CH(4). Some hybrid crystalline porous materials that belong to the family of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) show larger CO(2)(More)
Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is one of the best remediation techniques for controlling industrial air pollution. In this paper, a quantitative predictor model for the characteristic adsorption energy (E) of the Dubinin-Radushkevich (DR) isotherm model has been established with R(2) value of 0.94. A predictor model for characteristic(More)