Lokeshchandra C. Hanumanalu

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Unicornuate uterus with rudimentary horn occurs due to failure of complete development of one of the Mullerian ducts and incomplete fusion with the contralateral side. Pregnancy in a noncommunicating rudimentary horn is extremely rare and usually terminates in rupture during first or second trimester of pregnancy. Diagnosis of rudimentary horn pregnancy and(More)
Introduction: Acardiac twin is a rare anomaly occurring in 1 in 35,000 pregnancies. the outcome is fatal for the acardiac twin with a 50–75% mortality of the normal pump twin. Management options include conservative management, medical therapy, occlusion of connecting vessels and selective termination of the acardiac twin. the Management of a twin pregnancy(More)
Echinococcosis or hydatid disease which is caused by Echinococcus group of cestodes is very rare in pregnancy. While liver and lungs are commonly involved, other sites can be rarely affected. The management of hydatid disease in pregnancy is challenging in view of varied presentation and manifestation. We report a case of hydatid cyst arising from the(More)
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