Lok K. Yan

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UNLABELLED ᅟ: Starch requires six enzymes for digestion to free glucose: two amylases (salivary and pancreatic) and four mucosal maltase activities; sucrase-isomaltase and maltase-glucoamylase. All are deficient in suckling rodents. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to test (13)C-starch digestion before weaning by measuring enrichment of blood(More)
Software emulation has been proven useful in many scenarios, such as software testing, malware analysis, and intrusion response. However, fine-grained software emulation (e.g., at the instruction level) incurs considerable execution overhead (about 8x performance degradation), which hampers its use in production settings. In this paper, we propose MOSE(More)
Current memory architectures do not practice the principle of least privilege, resulting in the exposure of memory to data corruption and usurpation threats, collectively called memory based threats. The most famous of such threats is probably the buffer overflow. It has received considerable attention due to its relative ease of exploitation and the ease(More)
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