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Island sounds in the global city : Caribbean popular music and identity in New York
"Island Sounds in the Global City" maps the musical "Caribbeanization" of New York City, now home to the largest and most diverse concentrations of Caribbean people in the world. Emphasizing theExpand
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Middle Level Demonstration School, 1991-92. OREA Report.
Self-Positioning in and Reflections on the Field
The Sacred Music and Dance of Haitian Vodou from Temple to Stage and the Ethics of Representation
"What is true and at the same time quite remarkable about the Vodou," wrote Moreau de Saint-Mery (1958 [1797]: 68, my translation), "is the kind of force that induces those present to dance toExpand
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One and One Makes Three: Wisdom in the Rhythmic Organization of Vodou Drumming
The research behind this presentation began with reflections on the resemblance of certain rhythmic forms evident in Vodou drum ensemble music to certain forms of Vodou thought. Inspired by theExpand
Belle Ayiti: Mizik Savant Ayisyen (Beautiful Haiti: Haitian Classical Music) (review)
today’s haitians are rightfully proud of their revolutionary history; their enslaved black ancestors defeated napoleon’s powerful army, creating the Americas’ second free state, and the expressiveExpand
Pay for Play : The Redistribution of Payola for Music Diversity in New York State and Its Implications for Sustainability in Music
This essay seeks to connect the dots between payola, media consolidation, music diversity, and sustainability in music. It begins with a brief history of payola, the practice of paying a radioExpand
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Caribbean Journeys: An Ethnography of Migration and Home in Three Family Networks
The topic of migration and home resonated as I read this book against the backdrop of the January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti. Immigrant friends in Brooklyn, a site of my own research, gatheredExpand
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