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Münchausen syndrome by proxy is a factitious disorder of childhood in which a parent fabricates medical history or produces signs of illness in a child to keep the child in a sick role. Since approximately half of all cases of Münchausen syndrome by proxy are presentations of central nervous system illness, such as excessive daytime sleepiness and near-miss(More)
In order to learn how psychiatry residents use family therapy training from residency in their clinical practices after graduation, the authors interviewed graduates from a large program in the metropolitan Northeast and a small program in the rural South. Graduates from both programs were using family therapy theory and skills to a greater extent than they(More)
Using detailed case examples, we contrast first- and second-order cybernetics approaches to family problems involving somatic symptoms in a family member. A second-order cybernetics approach views the reality of the problem as linguistically shaped by those interacting around it, including the therapist and observing team members. This co-constructed(More)
The ability to interview is an essential skill that continues to develop throughout a pediatrician's professional life. Interviewing is a complex procedure that requires in-depth understanding of medical illness, child development, individual and family dynamics, cultural variations, and self-awareness--your personal values and response to crisis, serious(More)
Effective ways for joining family therapy with other treatment modalities are becoming increasingly important as the efficacy of family therapy gains acceptance in the medical and mental health community. When one interfaces family therapy with medical and psychopharmacological treatments, which find the sources of symptoms within individuals, rather than(More)
D I A B E T E S : FOCUS O N T H E FA MI L Y , 23 min; D I A B E T E S A N D C O M P L I C A T I O N S : FOCUS O N L I V I N G , 23 min. ; SELF B L O O D G L U C O S E M O N I T O R I N G , 17 min. : All produced and directed by Dennis Passaggio and Ted Abenheim. Available for rental or purchase in 16-mm film and ~ i n . video cassette from Oracle Films and(More)
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