Lois M Overvoorde

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Binding of the chromatin remodeling complex NoRC to RNA complementary to the rDNA promoter mediates transcriptional repression. TIP5, the largest subunit of NoRC, is involved in recruitment to rDNA by interactions with promoter-bound TTF-I, pRNA, and acetylation of H4K16. TIP5 domains that recognize posttranslational modifications on histones are essential(More)
The reaction of tryptamine and (2-oxocyclohexyl)acetic acid can be catalyzed by 3,3'-bis(triphenylsilyl)-1,1'-bi-2-naphthol phosphoric acid to give an asymmetric β-carboline. This reaction was first studied by Holloway et al. ( Org. Lett. 2010 , 12 , 4720 - 4723 ), but their mechanistic work did not explain the high stereoselectivity achieved. This study(More)
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