Lois M. Haibt

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The FORTRAN project was begun in the summer of 1954. Its purpose was to reduce by a large factor the task of preparing scientific problems for IBM's next large computer, the 704. If it were possible for the 704 to code problems for itself and produce as good programs as human coders (but without the errors), it was clear that large benefits could be(More)
The preparation of a program for a digital computer is not complete when a list of instructions has been written. It still must be determined that the instructions do the required job, and if necessary the instructions must be changed until they do. Also a description of the program should be written for others who may want to understand the program. A(More)
A programming system has been implemented in which annotated Petri nets are used as machine-processable high-evel design representations. The nets can be used to express the parallelism and the dynamic sequential dependencies found in complex software. They can then be interactively fired to facilitate debugging of the design. The nets are processed into a(More)
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