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Occasionally, artifacts may simulate pathologic conditions on magnetic resonance (MR) images. Motion artifacts especially affect images of the chest and abdomen. There are a number of techniques for reducing motion artifacts, including respiratory and cardiac gating, k-space phase reordering, gradient moment nulling, even echo rephasing, and physical(More)
A metal detector reveals the presence of metallic objects by measuring the change in the inductance of a coil placed near a metallic mass. The device used in this study is similar in principle to those used for passenger surveillance in airports except for its smaller size and simpler design. In this study, we compared the accuracy of a metal detector with(More)
This paper describes an amplifier and linearizer for the Beckman LB-1 carbon dioxide analyzer head. All electronics are solid state and DC regulated in contrast to the original LB-1 amplifier which was of vacuum tube design and AC regulated largely by means of a voltage stabilizer transformer. A new detection principle is adopted which reduces drift due to(More)
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