Lois A Shroyer

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The cytochrome c oxidase activity of the bovine heart enzyme decreases substantially at alkaline pH, from 650 s(-1) at pH 7.0 to less than 10 s(-1) at pH 9.75. In contrast, the cytochrome c peroxidase activity of the enzyme shows little or no pH dependence (30-50 s(-1)) at pH values greater than 8.5. Under the conditions employed, it is demonstrated that(More)
Insulin was incubated with rat liver homogenate in the presence of glutathione. The products formed were examined by chromatography on a Sephadex G-75 column, with 50% acetic acid as eluent. The results show that insulin is degraded by rat liver homogenates in sequential order: first, a splitting of insulin into A and B chains by glutathione-insulin(More)
The activity of the insulin-degrading enzyme neutral cysteine proteinase (EC, insulinase) was studied in adipose tissue and in liver of nondiabetic, streptozotocin-diabetic, and insulin-treated diabetic rats. Proteinase activity was found to be significantly decreased during diabetes and was restored to near normal levels in both tissues following(More)
The role of subunit III in the function of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase is not clearly understood. Previous work has shown that chemical modification of subunit III with N,N'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCCD) reduced the proton-pumping efficiency of the enzyme by an unknown mechanism. In the current work, we have employed biochemical approaches to(More)
Liposomes containing bovine heart cytochrome c oxidase (COV) prepared by the cholate dialysis technique were purified from those devoid of the enzyme using discontinuous sucrose density ultra centrifugation to eliminate interference in proton-pumping assays. This technique was also used to purify liposomes containing cytochrome c oxidase depleted in subunit(More)
Previous studies have shown that neutral thiopeptidase (E.C., insulinase) degrades (processes) insulin with a high affinity (Km = 30 X 10(-9) M). In the current studies, insulin was subjected to digestion with a highly purified rat liver neutral thiopeptidase and the peptides generated were separated by HPLC using a C8 column. With the use of(More)
Previous studies have shown that a neutral metallo-endopeptidase purified from rat kidney degrades the B chain of insulin, glucagon, ACTH and, at a markedly slower rate, the A chain of insulin. In contrast the enzyme does not attack native insulin, oxytocin, vasopressin, ribonuclease, albumin or denatured hemoglobin. The current studies demonstrate that the(More)
A thiol peptidase that catalyzes at near neutral pH the hydrolysis of insulin, the isolated A and B chains of insulin, and glucagon was purified from rat liver cytosol by fractionation on Sephadex G-200, Affi-Gel Blue, and Spherogel TSK-G 3000 SW. The purified enzyme showed a single component by chromatography on a Spherogel TSK column and by gel filtration(More)
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