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This study examined the distribution of virioplankton and bacterioplankton in two coral reef systems (Ahe and Takaroa atolls) in the Tuamotu Archipelago, in comparison with the surrounding oligotrophic ocean. Mean concentrations of 4.8×10(5) and 6.2×10(5) cells ml(-1) for bacteria and 8.1×10(6) and 4.3×10(6) VLP(virus-like particle) ml(-1) were recorded in(More)
Dinitrogen-fixing organisms in cyanobacterial mats were studied in two shallow coral reef ecosystems: La Reunion Island, southwestern Indian Ocean, Sesoko (Okinawa) Island, and northwestern Pacific Ocean. Rapidly expanding benthic miniblooms, frequently dominated by a single cyanobacterial taxon, were identified by microscopy and molecular tools. In(More)
The spatial variations of the picoplankton (photoautotrophic and heterotrophic microorganisms) in the Ahe atoll lagoon were studied in May and October 2008 to assess whether they were affected by human activities along the atoll. Spatial patterns were studied using 10 sampling stations chosen according to the location of the anthropogenic activities (pearl(More)
This study quantifies benthic nutrient fluxes and sedimentation rates in the Ahe Atoll lagoon (French Polynesia), in two stations located under pearl oyster frames, and two control stations away from the pearl culture facility. Dissolved inorganic nitrogen fluxes ranged between 2 and 35 μmol N m(-2) h(-1) and Soluble Reactive Phosphorus varied between -3(More)
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