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BACKGROUND Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) occurs frequently among haemodialysis patients but it is underestimated. Vascular treatment and amputations are more frequent in end stage renal disease (ESRD) population compared to the general population possibly because of a diagnosis of PAD delayed. Transcutaneous oxymetry (TcPO2) is commonly used in vascular(More)
INTRODUCTION The MYH9 syndrome is a group of rare autosomal dominant platelet disorders associating in most of the cases a macrothrombocytopenia and characteristic leukocyte inclusions. Clinical features may include renal, visual, or hearing impairment. The bleeding tendency is usually moderate. CASE REPORT We report a 28-year-old-man, with an auto-immune(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the effects of intermittent hemodialysis on microcirculatory perfusion. The aim of this study is to assess the effects of hemodialysis on microvascular perfusion using transcutaneous oxymetry (TCPO2). METHODS In this observational study, hourly TCPO2 measurements were performed during hemodialysis sessions. Ankle brachial(More)
INTRODUCTION Multi-component compression, inelastic, short stretched or coated strips bandages, and class 4 stockings have been recommended since 2010 by the French Superior Health Authority as first- and second-line treatment for venous leg ulcers. OBJECTIVES Assess the prescribing habits and knowledge of general practitioners about compression therapy(More)
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