Loi Lei Lai

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This paper presents a computational algorithm for identifying power frequency variations and integer harmonics by using wavelet-based transform. The continuous wavelet transform (CWT) using the complex Morlet wavelet (CMW) is adopted to detect the harmonics presented in a power signal. A frequency detection algorithm is developed from the wavelet scalogram(More)
The aim of this paper is to construct a bio-inspired hierarchical neural network that could accurately represent visual images and facilitate follow-up processing. Our computational model adopted a ganglion cell (GC) mechanism with a receptive field that dynamically self-adjusts according to the characteristics of an input image. For each GC, a micro neural(More)
Each year, some 30 percent of global deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases. This figure is worsening due to both the increasing elderly population and severe shortages of medical personnel. The development of a cardiovascular diseases classifier (CDC) for auto-diagnosis will help address solve the problem. Former CDCs did not achieve quick evaluation(More)
 This paper proposes a genetic algorithm (GA) tuned differential evolution (DE) method for solving economic dispatch (ED) problem with non-smooth cost curves. The tuning of the weights in differential evolution is the key issue in designing an efficient differential evolution algorithm. Their values are dependent on nature and characteristic of objective(More)
An interference-mitigated ZigBee-based advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution, namely IMM2ZM, has been developed for high-traffics smart metering (SM). The IMM2ZM incorporates multiradios multichannels network architecture and features an interference mitigation design by using multiobjective optimization. To evaluate the performance of the network(More)