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Optimization of Machining Parameters for end Milling of Inconel 718 Super Alloy Using Taguchi based Grey Relational Analysis
Abstract This study investigated the parameter optimization of end milling operation for Inconel 718 super alloy with multi-response criteria based on the taguchi orthogonal array with the greyExpand
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Development of an Effective Cost Minimization Model for Food Grain Shipments
Abstract This paper makes an attempt to address the issue of food grain shipments taking a case of Indian food grain supply chain. The existing process of transportation and distribution has beenExpand
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A combined tactical and operational deterministic food grain transportation model: Particle swarm based optimization approach
Abstract This paper proposes a combined tactical and operational two stage food grain transportation model with linear formulation in the first stage and a mixed-integer non-linear problem (MINLP) inExpand
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Modelling and analysis of intermodal food grain transportation under hub disruption towards sustainability
Abstract Escalating global food security concerns across several nations has shifted the focus of policy makers towards risk adaptive sustainable food grain operations. This paper builds aExpand
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Optimising online review inspired product attribute classification using the self-learning particle swarm-based Bayesian learning approach
Bowing to the burgeoning needs of online consumers, exploitation of social media content for extrapolating buyer-centric information is gaining increasing attention of researchers and practitionersExpand
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Robust optimisation of sustainable food grain transportation with uncertain supply and intentional disruptions
The proliferating need for sustainability intervention in food grain transportation planning is anchoring the attention of researchers in the interests of stakeholders and environment at large.Expand
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Part segregation based on particle swarm optimisation for assembly design in additive manufacturing
ABSTRACT Minimising total production time in the additive or layered manufacturing is a critical concern, and in this respect, the idea of balancing assembly time and build time is rapidly gainingExpand
Assessing the appropriate grassroots technological innovation for sustainable development
ABSTRACT Grassroots technological innovation (GRTI) is perceived as a source of sustainable development while addressing local problems and needs of people belonging to the bottom of the economicExpand
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Fuzzy Modelling of Fuel Consumptions and Emissions for Optimal Navigation of a BOEING-747 Aircraft
Air traffic at many airports around the world is expected to grow, more often than not and at near capacity. Investing in new infrastructure is an option albeit relatively long-term but making aExpand
Environmentally conscious logistics planning for food grain industry considering wastages employing multi objective hybrid particle swarm optimization
Abstract This paper develops a hub and spoke network based multi-objective green transportation model for evaluating optimal shipment quantity, modal choice, route selection, hub location, andExpand
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