Logan H Stuck

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There is limited information about how to transform primary care practices into medical homes. The research team surveyed leaders of the first 132 primary care practices in Minnesota to achieve medical home certification. These surveys measured priority for transformation, the presence of medical home practice systems, and the presence of various(More)
Numerous studies have reported unsafe endotracheal tube (ETT) cuff pressures (CP) in the prehospital environment. The purpose of this study was to identify an optimal cuff inflation volume (CIV) to achieve a safe CP (20-30 cmH2O). This observational study utilized 30 recently harvested ovine tracheae, which were warmed from refrigeration in a water bath at(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with renal colic commonly present to the emergency department (ED) and are usually treated with analgesics, antiemetics and hydration. Computed tomographic (CT) scan is commonly utilized in evaluating patients with suspected renal colic. OBJECTIVES We compared diagnosis and treatment plans before and after CT in patients with suspected(More)
IMPORTANCE Birth to a teenaged mother is associated with adverse health and social outcomes. Adolescents at risk for pregnancy may not receive needed reproductive health services at primary care visits. OBJECTIVE To review services provided at outpatient visits in the year prior to pregnancy among adolescents in a US Midwestern integrated health care(More)
Many sub-Saharan African countries have achieved substantial gains in insecticide treated bednet coverage since 2005. The Tanzania National Malaria Control Programme identified school-based net distribution as one potential 'keep-up' strategy for the purpose of maintaining long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) coverage after a nationwide mass campaign in(More)
BACKGROUND Alzheimer disease is one of the most prevalent and costly neurologic disorders. American Academy of Neurology guidelines call for diagnosis and treatment when dementia is present, but provide no specific instruction relating to cognitive screening. METHODS Our center piloted a cognitive screening initiative using the Mini-Cog, which was(More)
In areas where malaria transmission has been suppressed by vector control interventions many malaria control and elimination programmes are actively seeking new interventions to further reduce malaria prevalence, incidence and transmission. Malaria infection prevalence and incidence has been shown to cluster geographically, especially at lower transmission(More)
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