Lofton Henderson

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BACKGROUND Approximately one in six couples experiences problems with their fertility at some point in their reproductive lives. The economic implications of the use of assisted reproductive techniques require consideration. Herein, the health economics research in this area are critically appraised. METHODS Multiple strategies were used to identify(More)
The Computer Graphics Metafile is the only standard for graphical database specification designed to serve a wide range of applications. As such, this standard for capturing multiple, device-independent picture definitions is necessarily complex. CGM is a precise, cncise, and sometimes terse specification, and it is hard to grasp all the ramifications even(More)
Smaller chapters cannot easily adapt to their groups the projects of larger chapters or programs at the national level. To address this problem, the Coosa Valley chapter of AORN, Rome, Ga, developed a program that offers perioperative experience to nursing students at a local college. Members of the chapter act as preceptors for the students and educate(More)
In keeping with the retrospective theme of this issue of <i>Computer Graphics,</i> Standards Pipeline takes a long look back at the history of the development of formal standards for computer graphics. As is fitting for a retrospective, there is a focus on where we have succeeded <i>and</i> where we have failed.Three guest authors contributed to this(More)
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