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The quality of health care depends, among others, on the quality of a physician's domain knowledge. Since it is impossible to keep up with all new findings and developments, physicians usually have gaps in their domain knowledge. To handle exceptional cases, access to the full range of medical literature is required. The specific literature needed for(More)
The retrieval of patient-related literature is hampered by the large size of medical literature. Various computer systems have been developed to assist physicians during information retrieval. However, in general, physicians lack the time and skills required to employ such systems effectively. Our goal is to investigate to what extent a physician can be(More)
Purpose Relatively little is known about the patterns of complementary medicine (CM) use by HIV-positive people in the last decade, since the introduction of contemporary antire-troviral therapy (ART), or their information requirements. As ART use has evolved, CM use is likely to have also changed over time, however this has yet to be established. This is(More)
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