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In this study we investigated the relative impact of planning and execution constraints on discrete bimanual task performance. In particular, in a bimanual CD-placement task, we compared people’s preference to end movements comfortably with their preference to move symmetrically. In “Experiment 1” we examined the degree of interlimb coupling as participants(More)
Across six field and lab experiments, we found that impaired self-control fosters compliance with charitable requests. Experiments 1 and 2 showed that self-regulatory resource depletion was induced when participants yielded to the initial requests of a foot-in-the-door script aimed at procuring volunteer behavior. Experiment 3 demonstrated that(More)
1. Membrane currents activated by acetylcholine (ACh) were investigated in isolated canine and guinea-pig tracheal myocytes using the nystatin perforated patch configuration of whole-cell recording. ACh caused depolarization accompanied by a membrane conductance increase. 2. When cells were held under voltage clamp (holding potential, Vh = -60 mV), ACh(More)
Recent studies suggest that the left hemisphere is dominant for the planning of motor actions. This left-hemisphere specialization hypothesis was proposed in various lines of research, including patient studies, motor imagery studies, and studies involving neurophysiological techniques. However, most of these studies are primarily based on experiments(More)
We examined anticipatory motor planning and the interaction among both hands in a discrete bimanual task. To this end, participants had to grasp and manipulate two cylindrical objects simultaneously under varying conditions in which (a) the grip selection requirements, i.e., orientation of the to-be-grasped objects, differed between the two hands and (b)(More)
Auditory startle reflexes can accelerate simple voluntary reaction times (StartReact effect). To investigate the role of startle reflexes on more complex motor behaviour we formulated two questions: (1) can auditory startle reflexes shorten choice reaction times?; (2) is the StartReact effect differentially modulated when startling auditory stimuli are(More)
1. We investigated the effects of histamine on membrane currents and contractile state of isolated guinea-pig tracheal myocytes using perforated patch and whole-cell recording techniques. The effects of histamine were compared to those of acetylcholine (ACh) and caffeine. 2. During voltage clamp (Vhold = -60 mV), histamine elicited contraction and an inward(More)
Membrane currents and contractions evoked by acetylcholine (ACh) in freshly dissociated canine tracheal myocytes were investigated using the nystatin perforated-patch recording technique. In cells held at -60 mV in the presence of nifedipine, ACh evoked inward current (IACh) and contraction. Caffeine mimicked the effects of ACh. IACh and contractions could(More)
Our goal was to investigate the role of Ca2+ entry in regulating Cl- current (ICl) in smooth muscle cells from canine trachealis. When studies were done using the perforated patch configuration, depolarization elicited a dihydropyridine-sensitive Ca2+ current (ICa), followed in many cells by a sustained current. This sustained current reversed direction(More)