Lodewijk W. van Rhijn

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OBJECTIVE Three-dimensional (3D) cultures are widely used to redifferentiate chondrocytes. However, the rationale behind the choice for 3D above two-dimensional (2D) cultures is poorly systematically investigated and mainly based on mRNA expression and glycosaminoglycan (GAG) content. The objective was to determine the differential redifferentiation(More)
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective examination of preoperative and postoperative radiographs of the sagittal spine of 30 patients with Scheuermann kyphosis. OBJECTIVES To determine significant correlations between kyphosis and lordosis in Scheuermann kyphosis, determine predictability of spontaneous sagittal lordosis correction after thoracic correction and(More)
STUDY DESIGN A clinical case series of 4 patients undergoing anterior lumbar revision due to failure of total disc replacement surgery. OBJECTIVES To assess the clinical significance of polyethylene wear debris in salvage surgery after initial total disc replacement, the pattern and the mechanisms of polyethylene wear in the retrieved cores, and the(More)
INTRODUCTION Relatively little is known about cellular subpopulations in the mature nucleus pulposus (NP). Detailed understanding of the ontogenetic, cellular and molecular characteristics of functional intervertebral disc (IVD) cell populations is pivotal to the successful development of cell replacement therapies and IVD regeneration. In this study, we(More)
BACKGROUND Various structural and functional factors of foot function have been associated with high local plantar pressures. The therapist focuses on these features which are thought to be responsible for plantar ulceration in patients with diabetes. Risk assessment of the diabetic foot would be made easier if locally elevated plantar pressure could be(More)
STUDY DESIGN Presented is a unique case report of a rare bone tumor: a benign fibrous histiocytoma (BFH) located in the posterior arch of C1 in a 6-year-old child. OBJECTIVE To describe a benign fibrous histiocytoma of bone and the differential diagnostic considerations based on the authors' case report. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA A BFH is a rare tumor(More)
OBJECTIVE Bone morphogenic protein (BMP)-2 and BMP-7 are clinically approved and their recombinant proteins are used for bone tissue regenerative purposes and widely evaluated for cartilage regeneration. Previous comparison of the in vitro chondrogenic characteristics of BMP-2 vs BMP-7 did not address hypertrophic differentiation and characterizing their(More)
Numerous growth and transcription factors have been implicated in endochondral bone formation of the growth plate. Many of these factors are up-regulated during hypoxia and downstream of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF)-1alpha activation. However, the specific function of these factors, in the context of oxygenation and metabolic adaptation during adult(More)
Artificial disc prosthesis show fair to good short- and mid-term results. Long-term results are becoming apparent now, however, the incidence of late complications with this procedure remain poorly understood. In this report we will analyse late complications and discuss our experiences with salvage operations in patients with persistent pain after SB(More)
BACKGROUND Gut barrier loss has been implicated as a critical event in the occurrence of postoperative complications. We aimed to study the development of gut barrier loss in patients undergoing major non-abdominal surgery. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Twenty consecutive children undergoing spinal fusion surgery were included. This kind of surgery is(More)