Lodewijk Bos

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To ensure that patient record access (RA) is incorporated in WHO development plans. RA is the process whereby a user of a health service has the power to access their personal health record (PHR). The PHR means any health record holding information pertaining exclusively to that person. The PHR can be held centrally, when all health records, including(More)
Changes in life expectancy, healthy life expectancy and health seeking behaviour are having an impact on the demand for care. Such changes could occur across the whole population, or for specific groups. Changes for specific groups will be particularly affected by policy initiatives, while both these and wider changes will be affected by people's levels of(More)
Modern Healthcare Systems that have embraced ICT and Internet technologies (referred to as Health 1.0) are evolving towards self management but from a clinical knowledge perspective. In contrast, from a user experience perspective, and using the latest web 2.0 technologies, the developing healthcare social networking communities (referred to as Health 2.0)(More)
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