Lodewijk A. M. Stolte

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The morphological changes in the placenta concomitant with the transition from maturity to postmaturity were investigated by stereology under early clamping of the umbilical cord. 37 placentas from nonpathological pregnancies delivered after a period of 224-303 days of amenorrhea were examined. It appeared that after 267-288 days of amenorrhea, 8 out of 9(More)
The morphology of testicular biopsies of 8 healthy fertile men with proven normal sperm counts was studied using stereological techniques. Quantitative estimations were made of different cellular compartments in the testicular biopsies. The experimental errors of observation, homogeneity of the section, accuracy of the measurements and errors caused during(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Congenital hyperinsulinism induces severe and unremitting hypoglycemia in newborns and infants. If poorly controlled, seizures and irreversible brain damage may result. Subtotal (<95%) or near-total (95% to 98%) pancreatectomy have been performed for glycemic control in babies who do not respond to aggressive medical therapy. Because(More)
Since the nature and the level of urinary protein excretion have considerable clinical implications in the course of pregnancy, the early detection of even minor degrees of hyperproteinuria is important. Quantitation of 24-h urinary protein excretion is the only definite method of establishing the presence of hyperproteinuria, but this method shows(More)