Lochandaka Ranathunga

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The digital video content analysis and retrieval is a hot research topic in this era as videos act as an information source. However the content analysis and retrieval is not as simple as meaningful retrieval of information in a normal data system. The visual information of video data lies in high chromatic depth and density. At the same time these data(More)
Reduction of feature space of visual descriptors has become important due to the 'curse of dimensionality' problem. This paper reports the efficiency and effectiveness of the Compacted Dither Pattern Code (CDPC) combined with the Bhattacharyya classifier over MPEG-7 Dominant Colour Descriptor (DCD). Both the CDPC and DCD syntactic features use a compact(More)
The growing consumption of the digital video information is significant in this era. The digital video analysis and retrieval is not as simple as analysis and retrieval of information in normal data system. The visual information of video data lies in very complex nature with its high chromatic depth and density. The extraction of visual features from noisy(More)
Compacted Dither Pattern Code (CDPC) is a recently found feature which is successful in irregular shapes based visual depiction. Locally salient dither pattern feature is an attempt to expand the capability of CDPC for both regular and irregular shape based visual depiction. This paper presents an analysis of rotational and scale invariance property of(More)
Video shot segmentation is a preliminary process used in video content analysis which requires for content description. Conventional shot segmentation techniques nourished with statistical approaches depend on chromatic distributions of video frames. However, these conventional approaches lagging behind in performing semantic shot segmentation where more(More)
Measuring sentiment strength can be considered as one of the key areas of sentiment analysis. The existing sentiment word scoring functions are based on the intensity of adjectives in the sentences. To date, there is a very minimal work has been done for measuring sentiment strength based on adverb and adjective combinations. This research proposes a(More)
In frequency domain based image steganographic methods, especially Discrete Cosine Transformation (DCT), the selection of rounded quantized DCT coefficients in each block for data embedding is still an open issue. This paper presents a new data hiding technique based on the DCT coefficients and modified quantization table values. Embedding strength of each(More)
E-Learning aims to improve the quality of learning through the use of modern information and communication technologies. Designing E-Learning course materials is the most critical task because its entire educational system depends on the way content is presented. For that reason the necessity of evaluating the web based E-Learning content is arising. The(More)
High dimensional visual features and multimodal based search systems are popular due to their visual retrieval accuracy. But high dimensionality and multimodality negatively affect efficiency and computational complexity. This paper brings the performance advantages of low dimensional visual feature called Compacted Dither Pattern Code (CDPC). CDPC is(More)