Lochandaka Ranathunga

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Reduction of feature space of visual descriptors has become important due to the 'curse of dimensionality' problem. This paper reports the efficiency and effectiveness of the Compacted Dither Pattern Code (CDPC) combined with the Bhattacharyya classifier over MPEG-7 Dominant Colour Descriptor (DCD). Both the CDPC and DCD syntactic features use a compact(More)
Evaluating the contact center agent's voice handling skills is important in order to enhance the customer satisfaction, through employee performance. Conventionally, supervisors in call center monitoring divisions listen to contact center agents' conversations and then assign scores for the voice of the agent which end up in most cases bias and as erroneous(More)
There are various models of retrieval mechanisms for effective video retrieval, however, 'semantic gap' still persists. This study aims to reduce the gap by providing a graphical user interface that allows user to express the visuals in their mind into a query using semantic association of spatial and temporal visual concepts. To accomplish this, we have(More)
" Media Me " is a media interactive art work which comments on the bidirectional relationship between people and the media through the use of a realtime video mosaic. The elements of the video mosaic could be personal, cultural, historical, and educational. This research can be considered as a combination of creativity, art, and digital entertainment as(More)
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