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Modeling business processes is vital when improving or automating existing business pocesses, documenting processes properly or comparing business processes. In addition, it is necessary to be able to evaluate the quality of a business process model, which in tern requires a set of quality metrics. Most of the works proposed to evaluate business process(More)
Modeling business processes is an essential task when aligning, improving or automatinge xistingb usiness processes. To be efficienti ns uch tasks, ab usiness process model must be understandable, reusablea nd easily maintainable. For assessingt he quality of ab usiness process model,aset of quality metricsh ave been proposed either by adapting some mature(More)
Business process models play an important role in the analysis and improvement of the performance of an enterprise. Evidently, the quality of a business process model has a direct effect on the business performance. This evidence has motivated both the academic and industrial communities to look for suitable methods for creating good quality business(More)
Reusing business process artefacts, in business process modelling, can accelerate the design activity and improve the quality of the resulting products. Among the variety of reusable artefact types proposed during the last decade, Semantic Business Process Pattern (SB2P) offers business patterns that encapsulate knowledge and expertise in a particular(More)
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