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INTRODUCTION Inhalation of foreign body in children is a serious accident that may compromise the vital prognosis of the child. The diagnostic was difficult in the absence of a recognizable penetration syndrome. Bronchoscopy is still recommended as the appropriate diagnostic and treatment of foreign bodies. The purpose of this study was to analyze the(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the incidence and impact on treatment and prognosis of occult lymph node metastasis in laryngeal cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective study was performed on 164 patients treated for laryngeal cancer, initially classified as N0, with cervical lymph node dissection. RESULTS Occult metastases were found in 41 neck specimens(More)
INTRODUCTION Primary meningiomas of the sinonasal tract are rare tumors. Their positive diagnosis is difficult to establish. From one case observation, we report the clinical features, the diagnosis difficulties and the therapeutic modalities of primary meningioma of the sinonasal tract. CASE REPORT A seventeen-year-old girl consulted for a left(More)
Background: Primary non-hodgkin lymphoma of the larynx is a rare entity accounting for 1% of laryngeal tumors. Fewer than 100 cases have been reported in the literature. Case presentation: A 52-year-old man, presented with a two-month history of dysphonia. Nasofibroscopy showed left submucosal bulging of the laryngeal supraglottic floor. Cervical computed(More)
INTRODUCTION Jugular vein thrombosis is mainly due to infectious, neoplastic and iatrogenic causes. Activated protein C (APC) resistance is an exceptional cause of jugular vein thrombosis. CASE REPORT A 40-year-old woman consulted for left lateral neck swelling present for two weeks. Neck ultrasound revealed left internal jugular vein thrombosis, which(More)
Ectopy of the thyroid gland is an abnormal embryological development. Its occurrence in children is rare. In this study, we report the case of a 12-year-old girl that presented with dysphagia and nocturnal dyspnea. Magnetic resonance imaging confirmed the presence of a lingual thyroid. Thyroid scintigraphy showed intense and elective uptake of radiotracer(More)
Intracranial complications of sinusitis are rare. However, they have an important morbidity and mortality rate, and can be a source of disabling neurological sequelae in the absence of a rapid diagnosis and adequate treatment. We carry a retrospective study of 23 patients having sinusitis with intracranial complications, treated between 1996 and 2011. All(More)
BACKGROUND Trichoblastoma is a rare and benign adnexial tumor with characteristic histological features. It occurs on any hair folliclebearing location, and usually presents as a solitary lesion most often less than 2 cm in size. Giant trichoblastoma has been rarely reported in the literature. AIM To report a new case of giant trichoblastoma, misleading(More)
OBJECTIVES Para-pharyngeal tumors are located deeply. Imaging is mandatory for their management. We conducted a retrospective study to determine the contribution of imaging for their diagnosis and treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS Imaging was performed for 20 cases of primary para-pharyngeal tumors between 1986 and 2008. We compared the imaging to the(More)
Otosclerosis is an osteodystrophia of the otic capsule, responsible for hearing loss by blocking of the stapes footplate. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability of computed tomography (CT) in the positive diagnosis of otosclerosis, to compare the radiological findings to those intraoperatively, and to seek a correlation between imaging(More)
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