Lobna Ben Khelifa

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This paper describes a new model of camera networks that can be used for environment monitoring and understanding. Such networks can be composed of both smart cameras, which benefit from high resolutions, powerful processing capabilities and strategic viewpoints on the environment, or with what we may call silly cameras, defined by much lower(More)
Distributed networks of smart sensors are nowadays representing the frontier of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interoperability. In such a scenario several challenges must be addressed in order to create effective solutions. Coordination among nodes to satisfy monitoring purposes while addressing network constraints is considered of utmost importance. In this(More)
This demonstrator aims to present a network model of silly cameras defined by their low specifications. To handle those specifications, a strong collaboration is established between the cameras, inspired from the ants world. Thus we introduce the Ant-Cam. The demonstrator uses a color sensor, light processing and wireless communications. Scattered in the(More)
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