Loai K. E. A. Abdelmohsen

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Every living cell is a compartmentalized out-of-equilibrium system exquisitely able to convert chemical energy into function. In order to maintain homeostasis, the flux of metabolites is tightly controlled by regulatory enzymatic networks. A crucial prerequisite for the development of lifelike materials is the construction of synthetic systems with(More)
Self-powered artificial nanomotors are currently attracting increased interest as mimics of biological motors but also as potential components of nanomachinery, robotics, and sensing devices. We have recently described the controlled shape transformation of polymersomes into bowl-shaped stomatocytes and the assembly of platinum-driven nanomotors. However,(More)
A series of water-soluble macro-initiators is synthesized to avoid radical loss in microfluidic on-chip photo cross-linking of hyaluronic acid methacrylate-containing water-in-oil emulsions. Their superior performance over known photo-initiators through the generation of water-soluble radicals and excellent biocompatibility are demonstrated.
Polymersomes are robust, versatile nanostructures that can be tailored by varying the chemical structure of copolymeric building blocks, giving control over their size, shape, surface chemistry, and membrane permeability. In particular, the generation of nonspherical nanostructures has attracted much attention recently, as it has been demonstrated that(More)
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