Lo'ai Ali Tawalbeh

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Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) has been introduced as a viable solution to the inherited limitations of mobile computing. These limitations include battery lifetime, processing power, and storage capacity. By using MCC, the processing and the storage of intensive mobile device jobs will take place in the cloud system and the results will be returned to the(More)
—Interest in using Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) for compute intensive mobile devices jobs such as multimedia applications has been growing. In fact, many new research efforts were invested to maximize the mobile intensive jobs offloading to the cloud within the cloud system coverage area. However, a large scale MCC deployment challenges and limitations are(More)
Secure Hashing Algorithms (SHA) showed a significant importance in today's information security applications. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), held a competition of three rounds to replace SHA1 and SHA2 with the new SHA-3, to ensure long term robustness of hash functions. In this paper, we present a comprehensive hardware(More)
This paper presents an FPGA architecture for a new version of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. The efficient hardware that implements the algorithm is also proposed. The new algorithm (AES-512) uses input block size and key size of 512-bits which makes it more resistant to cryptanalysis with tolerated area increase. AES-512 will be suitable(More)
This paper presents a processor architecture for elliptic curve cryptography computations over GF(p). The speed to compute the Elliptic-curve point multiplication over the prime fields GF(p) is increased by using the maximum degree of parallelism, and by carefully selecting the most appropriate coordinates system. The proposed Elliptic Curve processor is(More)
Mobile and cloud computing are two areas which are rapidly expanding in terms of use case and functionality. An ad-hoc mobile cloud can be constructed upon local devices, where devices work together and share resources, aspects such as energy and costs may be minimised. This paper builds on previous work which proposed an end-to-end system whereby user(More)
The increasing importance of security in computers and communication systems introduces the need for several public-key cryptosystems. The modular division and multiplication arithmetic operations in GF (p) and GF (2 n) are extensively used in many public key cryptosystems, such as El-Gamal cryptosystem, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), and the Elliptic(More)