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Recently, several studies addressed security and privacy issues in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs). Most of them focused on safety applications. As VANETs will be available widely, it is anticipated that Internet services could be accessed through VANETs in the near future. Thus, non-safety applications for VANETs would rise in popularity. This paper(More)
—Online social networks (OSNs) such as Facebook and MySpace are flourishing because more and more people are using OSNs to share their interests with friends. Because security and privacy issues on OSNs are major concerns, we propose a security framework for simultaneously authenticating multiple users to improve the efficiency and security of peer-to-peer(More)
It can be observed that most sophisticated kernel mode rootkits implement hiding tasks via loading drivers in Windows. Also, more and more malware writers are taking advantage of rootkits to shield their illegal activities. Therefore, the role of a detector for effectively detecting Windows driver-hidden rootkits is becoming extremely important. In our(More)