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With advances in video coding technology, two main streams of multimedia applications are emerging. The first involves more vivid perceptual experience and is leading to the next generation of TV specifications – Quad Full HD (QFHD, 4096×2160p) and 3D/multi-view TV. The second is the scalable broadcasting and streaming of video. To support these(More)
For H.264/AVC decoder system, the motion compensation bandwidth comes from two parts, the reference data loading bandwidth and the equivalent bandwidth from DRAM access overhead latency. In this paper, a bandwidth-efficient cache-based MC architecture is proposed. It exploits both intra-MB and inter-MB data reuse and reduce up to 46% MC bandwidth compared(More)
Figure 1. Illustration of padding process. The direction of border extension depends on the adjacent MBs' modes. Abstract—In the process of scalable video coding (SVC) decoding, large external memory bandwidth is required for SVC inter-layer prediction. In this paper, a low bandwidth decoder framework is proposed for SVC. Two main decoding schemes are(More)
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