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Kidney transplantation is currently the treatment of choice in most patients with end-stage chronic renal failure owing to the excellent results in terms of both graft and patient survival. However, surgical complications are still very frequent. Although urological (stricture, urinary fistulas, vesico-ureteral reflux) and lymphatic complications(More)
AIM Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common causes of ovulatory infertility. It is an endocrine disorders characterized by a high level of male hormones (androgens) and frequent anovulatory cycles associated with multiple ovarian microcysts. The aim of this paper was to evaluate effects of a Clomiphene citrate alone versus a combined(More)
AIM Unexplained infertility affects 30% of infertile couples. Management depends on duration of infertility and age of female partner. Ovulation induction, together with intrauterine insemination, is commonly offered to couples with infertility of unknown origin. Intrauterine insemination gained its popularity because it is simple, non-invasive and(More)
AIM Among couples unable to conceive without any identifiable cause, 30% are defined as having unexplained infertility. Management depends on duration of infertility and age of female partner. In order to increase pregnancy rate, couples with infertility of unknown origin can undergo ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination. These techniques are(More)
Paratubal cysts represent approximately 10% of all adnexal masses. In most cases they are very small, but very few cases are reported in the literature where they exceed 15 cm of diameter. Furthermore, giant paratubal cysts complicated by bilateral hydronephrosis are unique. The Authors describe a case of a huge paratubal cyst (30 cm in diameter), in a 14(More)
Today, 88% of pregnancies has a physiological course during which just basic care, while in 12% of cases there is a high-risk pregnancy that requires additional assistance and specific. The approach that should be used is that of supervision in all pregnant women considering their potential to have a normal pregnancy until there is no clear evidence to the(More)
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Background The use of all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) in the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukaemia (APL) has greatly modified the prognosis of this peculiar subtype of leukaemia. However, it is still not clear whether or not a maintenance treatment is needed in consolidated APL patients in CR. In the pre ATRA era the GIMEMA study “LAP 0389” did not(More)
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