Loïck Magnin

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We introduce a new quantum adversary method to prove lower bounds on the query complexity of the quantum state generation problem. This problem encompasses both, the computation of partial or total functions and the preparation of target quantum states. There has been hope for quite some time that quantum state generation might be a route to tackle the(More)
" God does not play dice. He flips coins instead. " And though for some reason He has denied us quantum bit commitment. And though for some reason he has even denied us strong coin flipping. He has, in His infinite mercy, granted us quantum weak coin flipping so that we too may flip coins. Instructions for the flipping of coins are contained herein. But be(More)
The polynomial method and the adversary method are the two main techniques to prove lower bounds on quantum query complexity, and they have so far been considered as unrelated approaches. Here, we show an explicit reduction from the polynomial method to the multiplicative adversary method. The proof goes by extending the polynomial method from Boolean(More)
  • Loïck MAGNIN, Löıck Magnin, Alain Denise Président, Peter Høyer Rapporteur, Pascal Koiran Rapporteur, Alain Dubus Examinateur +3 others
  • 2012
Cette thèsé etudie deux aspects d'interaction entre deux joueurs dans le modèle du calcul et de la communication quantique. Premì erement, ellé etudie deux primitives cryptographiques quantiques, des briques de base pour construire des protocoles cryptographiques complexes entre deux joueurs, comme par exemple un protocole d'identification. Lapremì ere(More)
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