Loïc Petit

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Querying streams of data from the sensors or other devices requires several operators. One of the most important operators is called Windowing. Creating windows consists in grouping of tuples from data streams at a specific rate according to a certain pattern. A large variety of window patterns exist and reflect different data management semantics that are(More)
Preference queries have been largely studied for relational systems but few proposals exist for stream data systems. Most of the existing proposals concern the skyline, top-k or top-k dominating queries, coupled with the sliding-window operator. However, user preferences queries on data streams may be more sophisticated than simple skyline or top-k and may(More)
Wireless sensor networks are rapidly finding their way through a plethora of new applications like precision farming and forestry, with increasing network scale, system complexity, and data rate. While scalable MAC and routing protocols for sensor networks have been well addressed in recent years, the scalability of the back-end storage architecture has(More)
The development of steerable guide wire or catheter designs has been strongly limited by the lack of enabling actuator technologies. This paper presents the properties of an electrostrive actuator technology for steerable actuation. By carefully tailoring material properties and the actuator design, which can be integrated in devices, this technology should(More)
RÉSUMÉ. La prise en compte des préférences utilisateur constitue un moyen puissant pour personnaliser des réponses dans le cadre de l’évaluation de requêtes. De nombreux travaux existent sur les préférences dans le cadre de requêtes pour SGBD relationnels mais peu pour l’évaluation de requêtes sur flux de données. Les propositions existantes concernent(More)
The paper describes the RE-SEARCH ALPS project, which aims to gather, consolidate, harmonize and make available to different targets (public and private bodies working at local, regional and national level) data about laboratories, research and innovation centers which are active in particular in the regions of seven countries which constitute the Alpine(More)
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