Loïc Jacot-Descombes

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We present a new method to encapsulate functional liquids into sealed MEMS capsules by fluidic self-assembly. Self-assembly of 200 μm SU-8 cargos and picoliter liquid co-encapsulation are driven by the interplay of global fluidic drag and short-range capillary forces. The latter ensues from the localized surface-selective precipitation of a(More)
Structuring SU-8 based superparamagnetic polymer composite (SPMPC) containing Fe3O4 nanoparticles by photolithography is limited in thickness due to light absorption by the nanoparticles. Hence, obtaining thicker structures requires alternative processing techniques. This paper presents a method based on inkjet printing and thermal curing for the(More)
Plano-convex microlens arrays of organic-inorganic polymers with tailored optical properties are presented. The fine-tuning of each microlens within an array is achieved by confining inkjet printed drops of the polymeric ink onto pre-patterned substrates. The lens optical properties are thus freely specified, and high numerical apertures from 0.45 to 0.9(More)
Ink-jet printing of optical ink over SU-8 pillars is here proposed as a technology for obtaining microlenses with shape control. To demonstrate the flexibility of this method, microlenses with five different contour shapes (ranging from circular and elliptical to toric or more advanced geometries) have been fabricated. Furthermore, the optical properties of(More)
We present the fabrication and characterization of large arrays of inkjet-printed superparamagnetic polymer composite (SPMPC) hemispherical microstructures. SPMPCs are appealing for applications in microsystems and nanorobotics due to the added functionality of polymers and the significant magnetic attributes of embedded nanostructures. SPMPC-based(More)
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