Loïc Jacot-Descombes

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1: The fluidic process for the self-assembly and sealing of liquid-filled MEMS capsules. Self-assembly and sealing are mediated by an insoluble polymeric phase precipitated from a polar solvent. Controlled orbital agitation and sonica-tion of the assembly solution are pivotal to the yield and throughput of the process. ABSTRACT We present a new method to(More)
We present the fabrication and characterization of large arrays of inkjet-printed superparamagnetic polymer composite (SPMPC) hemispherical microstructures. SPMPCs are appealing for applications in microsystems and nanorobotics due to the added functionality of polymers and the significant magnetic attributes of embedded nanostructures. SPMPC-based(More)
Structuring SU-8 based superparamagnetic polymer composite (SPMPC) containing Fe 3 O 4 nanoparticles by photolithography is limited in thickness due to light absorption by the nanoparticles. Hence, obtaining thicker structures requires alternative processing techniques. This paper presents a method based on inkjet printing and thermal curing for the(More)
Plano-convex microlens arrays of organic-inorganic polymers with tailored optical properties are presented. The fine-tuning of each microlens within an array is achieved by confining inkjet printed drops of the polymeric ink onto pre-patterned substrates. The lens optical properties are thus freely specified, and high numerical apertures from 0.45 to 0.9(More)
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