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A comparative study at 2.45 GHz concerning both measurement and reconstruction parameters for planar and cylindrical configurations is presented. For the sake of comparison, a numerical model consisting of two nonconcentric cylinders is considered and reconstructed using both geometries from simulated experimental data. The scattered fields and(More)
In this paper, a passive multiprobe sensor using conventional UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) tags is presented. The RFID link between the reader and the tag is analyzed from a general point of view by means of reciprocity principle, to obtain a compact and explicit expression of the response of RFID tags that can be exploited in sensing(More)
This paper presents a new reconfigurable radiating structure that exploits polarization diversity from a single-element antenna. Simulations on the polarization diversity gain have been carried out for indoor and outdoors cells. The results show that the proposed diversity combining scheme, although simple, it can in fact provide considerable improvements(More)